About Us

Security for any business or residence is essential. Even though you might think of it as something unnecessary, but in reality, the benefits of having an alarm monitoring system outweigh its expense. Using the ADT-monitored security system, businesses and individuals can actively supervise pre-alarm signals, informational signals, events generated by video systems, a combination of signals, or sequences of actions to initiate specific security procedures. The systems we provide allow for active monitoring to help you guard your premises round the clock.

Easy to operate alarm systems.

Users look for simple systems to operate since they want things easier for them, to improve their quality of life and not complicate it. Our system provides security information, maintaining permanent, critical, and necessary communication which allows you to help protect your property from unauthorized access while monitoring it effectively.

Why Us?

Founded with the mission to help protect families and homes, B2B Security is here to help you secure your premises like never before. Our core focus has always been to provide stellar customer service from the first point of contact to our thoroughly trained 5-star installation technicians.

Low Price – At less than a third of our competitors’ price, B2B Security keeps you protected without being a burden on your wallet.

Great Service ADT’s operators diligently respond to every emergency signal, and our expert technicians are ready to help you with any security need. Working with us, you can have complete confidence knowing you have the support of security professionals on hand to help keep you protected.

Superior Reliability By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology with full redundancy and system backups, our monitoring system goes beyond the highest industry standards to provide you with the best and foolproof security.

Complete Security Each of our employees has been background checked and drug tested. With advanced recovery and reliable systems in place, ADT’s state-of-the-art central alarm monitoring station will never make you feel unprotected.

Over the years, we have helped people and businesses secure or protect their premises against burglary, commercial fire, and medical emergencies. With unlimited zones, we give you peace of mind, knowing your family and property are safe and protected at all times.