Investing in a home alarm system is a good option to increase home security, as it offers proven burglary deterrent options and gives you peace of mind. It is important to take the time to understand the types of alarm systems that exist and how exactly they will improve the security of your home since you can buy a system that fits your needs and budget.

Alarm Systems

Monitored alarm systems for businesses and residence are preventive deterrents, whether wired or wireless combined with additional devices, instantly alerts you and the ADT monitoring center against possible theft and burglary.

Specialized Monitoring Center (CEM)

The system we install is equipped with the latest generation technology, receiving all the signals that are generated either by Internet, by Cellular Data or by Landline Telephone which are the means of communication. The client is informed immediately with a call from the ADT monitoring center to guarantee the client’s knowledge of the emergency, whether it is a real or false alarm.

Video Surveillance

We also help with Video Monitoring services, which helps with immediate visual verification, since seconds are key to detecting an emergency, starting with the signal to the ADT Monitoring Center and verification with the cameras installed in the House or Business facility. Likewise, when the ADT monitoring center informs the client, he can watch at the same time at any place and at any time if the origin of the home security alarm signal is a real or false alarm or if the client at any time wishes simply watch his home or business.